[CRM 4.0] : Unable to create Dynamic CRM site in HC?

Question: How To Configure Dynamic CRM 4.0 in HC Panel?


This Article is for Dynamic CRM 4.0 Configuration (It don't apply for Dynamic CRM 2011)

To configure Dynamic CRM in HC Panel, follow the steps below:

  1. Run CRM Async service using Local System account.
  2. Run CRMAppPool using Local System account in IIS.
  3. Integrate windows authentication on DCRM Website in IIS.
  4. Add "CRM Deployment Administrator" and "Domain\CRM_Server_Name" to Local administrators on SQL machine.
  5. Add "Domain\CRM_Machine_Account" to Domain administrators in Acitve Direcoty.
  6. Change value of <httpRuntime executionTimeout="300"> to <httpRuntime executionTimeout="1500"> in web.config of the CRM Web sever.
  7. Add CRM Deployment Administrator to SQL administrator.
  8. Run "HC Remoting" and "HC Sync" services under CRM Depolyment Administrator account.
  9. Add Full permission on CRM OU to "Domain\CRM_Machine_Account" in AD.
  10. In Global Settings, user name should be only Administrator as domain controller is mentioned already.

Find out detail guide from this Link.