HC is not creating DNS Zone using Bind on Linux

Question: How to resolve DNS creation issue on bind DNS Server?




Case 1:

If the operating system is Debian or Ubuntu: 

  1. Open named.conf file (vi /etc/bind/named.conf or vi /etc/named.conf).
  2. Comment the top line include named.conf.options by putting // in front of this line.
  3. Now open named.conf.options file which would be located on same location as named.conf i.e. /etc/bind or /etc.
  4. Copy all lines in named.conf.options and paste in named.conf file just beneath the line which you commented before in step 2. 
  5. Restart Bind DNS Server.

Note: Make sure that in HC panel path Server Manager :: Edit Server :: DNS setting named.conf file is given correctly i.e. /etc/bind/named.conf or /etc/named.conf.


Case 2:

If the operating system is CentOS 5.x then consult this Article.