How to use RBX to backup HC data?

Question: How to use RBX to backup HC data.

Recommendations before using RBX:

  1. RBX will automatically install with HC Panel installation. 
  2. RBX has a associated service HCbackup that should be running all the time with the status set as automatic under Start :: Run :: Services.msc. 

  3. To start backup or schedule a backup time from RBX, Go to Start :: All Programs :: Hosting Controller :: rebuildXpress and then click Server backup. 

Ways to take backup from RBX.

  1. Local System: Select the path of Local system where you want RBX to take backups.

  2. UNC Path: Path of Remote machine within the same Network where you want RBX to take backups.  

            Location: Enter UNC path i.e \\Server\backup
            Login: UNC login name along with machine name  i.e  machinename\user
            Password: Enter UNC user password.

          Note: UNC user should have full access on "\backup folder".

    3.   FTP: Set RBX to place backup on remote location through FTP website.

            FTP Server: Enter FTP site URL. i.e
            Port: Enter the FTP site port (default is 21). 
            Login & Password: Enter the FTP site login.

          Note: FTP user should have full access on the "FTP backup directory".

Backup Schedule: Select the schedule that is daily, weekly, and monthly to run RBX automatically for backups without human intervention.

Enable RBX  logging: Rarely RBX does not work the way it should work, to debug HC support required RBX logs that can be enabled under HC panel from "My Server :: Debug Setting". Enable Backup log. Now all RBX activities will be logged under HC installation directory/hostingcontroller/log fold.

Note: In demo mode RBX only takes backup of 5 users and their domains. To avail the full functionality of RBX please purchase its license.
 Recommendation: HC encourage to use following option for  backup either on Local machine or Network machine using UNC option.