How to import export Exchange Mailbox using pst file?

Question: How to Import or Export Exchange mailboxes in HC panel using pst files?
Answer: Prior to import or export of Exchange Mailbox PST files, Exchange Server should be prepared for this process. In this kb article, we have explained the pre-requisites for Exchange and have also explained in detail the process of configuring HC Exchange Module for import/export of PST files.
Pre-requisites for Import/Export Exchange mailboxes PST: There are 3 system level pre-requisites before importing or exporting an Exchange mailbox pst which are given below:
  1. Shared Folder should be accessible on Exchange Server
  2. Proper permissions should be granted to this Shared Folder
  3. User must be assigned “Mailbox Import Export” role
Pre-requisites Explained:
  1. Shared Folder should be accessible on Exchange Server: For import/export of pst, The source or destination pst files should be placed on any network share path to which Exchange Server belongs to, for example \\Exchage-Server\ShareFolder path must be accessible by your Exchange servers.
  2. Proper permissions should be granted to this Shared Folder: "Exchange Trusted Subsystem" security group requires permissions to the network share where pst files are to be placed (Read for imports, Read/Write for exports) and SYSTEM account must have full control. If the share doesn't have these permissions, then errors might be encountered while trying to import or export .pst files.

  3. User must be assigned “Mailbox Import Export” role: Grant the user appropriate permissions for PST import\export using following PowerShell commands on Exchange Management Shell :
    New-ManagementRoleAssignment –Role “Mailbox Import Export” –User {username}
Note: The above command grants import and export rights to the user which will also be specified in HC panel while configuring PST Settings on Exchange Server.
How to configure PST Settings in HC Exchange Module? In order to configure Import/Export PST settings, following steps should be followed:
  1. Login to HC10 panel as Global Admin.
  2. Navigate to the path: Configurations >> Server Manager >> Exchange Server >> Edit >> Save & Edit Roles >> MS Exchange >> General Settings >> Check Connectivity >> PST Import/Export Settings at the bottom of the page. Specify the details of network share path and user's credentials who was assigned Mailbox Import Export role.

  3. To verify the configurations, press "Check Connectivity" for PST Import/Export Settings and then Save the settings.
  4. To view mailbox import/export option in HC, navigate to mailbox dashboard from this path: Provisioning >> Exchange Organizations >> Mailboxes >> Dashboard and then scroll down to the bottom of the page. See given below screenshot for further clarity:
In case of any issue while following above instructions, please do not hesitate to send an email to