How to enable Google reCAPTCHA on Hosting Controller login page

Question: How to enable Google reCAPTCHA on the HC login page in order to enhance security?
Answer: Google reCAPTCHA can be enabled on the HC panel login page by following the steps given below:
  1. Login to your google account.
  2. Navigate to the URL:
  3. Select reCAPTCHA v2.

In Domains specify the HC Panel URL like
  1. After completing above steps, you will be given a site and a secret key.
  2. Now open app.config located at C:\Program Files\Hosting Controller\Portal\app.config and specify your site key and secret key by adding the similar code snippet to the end of file just between the </script> and </branding> tags. Sample code is shared below for your convenience.
<captcha enable="true" type="recaptcha">
      <recaptcha apiurl="" scripturl=""
siteKey="******" secretKey="******" />
After implementing above, Google reCAPTCHA will be enabled on the HC login page as shown below:
If you have confusion regarding any of the aforementioned instructions, you can get help from the Hosting Controller support team by sending an email to