How to use Let’s Encrypt in HC v10

Question: Configuring Let's Encrypt in HC10 for Linux platform
HC10 gives you the option to install free SSL using Lets Encrypt. Certbot package is required to be installed prior to configuring Let’s Encrypt with Hosting Controller. To install certbot package, run the following command:
yum install certbot
sudo apt-get install certbot
Once the package is installed, following steps will be required for configuring Lets Encypt on Apache WebServer in HC10:
Configuring Lets Encrypt on Apache WebServer
  1. Login as Global Admin in HC10.
  2. Click  and then navigate to Servers >> Edit Server >> WebServer.
  3. Now select the option Automated SSL (Letsencrypt). See below screenshot for clarity:

  1. Acme client path will be automatically fetched as you have installed certbot package on your webserver machine.
  2. Account Email: This is the email to which all emails related to Lets Encrypt will be sent.
Installing SSL using Lets Encrypt
Now Install Automated SSL option will appear on the Dashboard of Linux websites in HC10 panel at : Provisioning >>  Websites >>  Dashboard. Please see below screenshot for clarity:

*** If you want to manually renew all domains for another 90 days then execute below command. 
certbot renew --non-interactive --debug