Why manual setup of Auto-signup is required and what are the steps to configure it manually?

Question: Why manual setup of Auto-signup is required and what are the steps to configure it manually?
Answer: In certain cases you may need to configure Auto Signup manually. Following are the cases which warrant a manual installation:
Case 1: You do not have any WebServer role configured in HC10 panel. For example, you are offering Exchange Only Services via HC10 but want to offer these via Auto-Signup shopping cart which will act as a public facing market place.
Case 2: You want to offer Auto-Signup from your business website which is hosted on a Webserver where HC10 is not deployed.
Pre-requisites for Auto-Signup deployment: Following are the pre-requisites for deploying Auto-signup on any website:
  • IIS7 or above to store signup website.
  • SQL Server 2008 or above to host signup backend database.
  • .NET Frameworks 4.7 on signup website.
Installation Steps for manual setup of HC10 Auto-signup web application
Following are the steps to install and configure HC10 Auto-signup Web Application manually:
Step # 1 ( Add Record to tblAutoSignup table in HC10 Database ) : Open HC database using SQL Management Studio and add a new record in tblAutoSignup. Just add the ID of the owner of auto signup and set IsDeleted=False. Now press enter, rest of the table fields should be left empty and would auto populate. ID of the owner refers to GlobalAdmin or Reseller upon whose website the signup WebApplication will be deployed. ID of owner can be fetched from userid of tblUsers in HC10 Database.
Step # 2 ( Add a new Staff Member having Signup-Admin role ) : Login into HC10 panel and then create a new “Signup Sub-Admin” user (staff member). This is a new role added for signup management. Installed auto signup will run with the rights of this user.
Step # 3 ( Create blank database and apply AutoSignup DB script ) : Open SQL Management Studio, and create a new blank database for autosignup application. Now apply the script from path  “App_Path/AutoSignup/Scripts”. This script can be downloaded from this link.
Step # 4 ( Create Auto-signup Database User and Specify its Password ) : Open SQL Management Studio and from Security >> Logins >> New Login, create database admin user for auto-signup application's database and specify password for the Auto-signup Database admin user. Note: Keep permissions of this DB User to db_owner from User Mapping by select Auto-signup database.
Step # 5 ( Copy Web files related to Auto-Signup application into Website Home Directory ): Copy the files from “App_Path/AutoSignup/Publish”( Auto-Signup/Publish folder can be found in the same download link specified in step # 3) to the website root directory. After this, following changes will be required in Web.config file. Open file “Web.cofig” located in website root directory, find and replace the following entries in it:
{{__SIGNUP_ID}}        =>   “GUID” column Value from tblSignups table, added in step-1
{{__SUBADMIN_NAME}}    => Username of the subadmin added in step-2
{{__SUBADMIN_PWD}}    => Password of the subadmin added in step-2
{{__API_URL}}      => API Url, should be accessible from the target machine (WHERE HCAPI URL = http://HC_ControlServer_IP:8798/ (Do not miss the / after 8798 as without it the URL is incomplete) and. HC_ControlServer_IP refers to the IP of your control server).
{{__INSTANCENAME}}   =>  Database instance name where a new signup db was created in step-3
{{__DBNAME}}  => Name of the database added in step-3
{{__DBUSERID}}   => Database username added in step-4.
{{__DBUSERPWD}}  => Database User Password which was specified in step-4
After following above instructions, open the Auto-Signup URL which will act as a market place for selling HC10 products to customers. If you feel there is an ambiguity in following the aforementioned steps, send an email to support@hostingcontroller.com

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