How to configure Marketplace in Hosting Controller v10

Question: How to enable HC Marketplace in the Panel?
There are two ways to enable and configure HC Marketplace:
  1. Through HC interface
  2. Manual install
Option 1: Enabling Marketplace through HC Panel interface:
  1. In order to enable it through HC Panel interface you must have a web server role and database role in the HC cluster.
  2. Download Marketplace using this link . Extract it and place it in the location X:\Program Files\Hosting Controller\Tools.
  3. Login in HC Panel as a Host or Reseller and navigate to menu Applications >> Marketplace >> Install Marketplace. There select the website on which you want to enable Marketplace.
That's it, HC Panel will automatically install and configure Marketplace on selected website.
Option 2: If you do not have a web and MSSQL database role in the HC cluster and want to install HC Marketplace on a remote machine manually, then follow below instructions:
Pre-requisites for Marketplace deployment: Following are the pre-requisites for deploying Marketplace on any website:
  • IIS7 or above to store Marketplace website.
  • SQL Server 2008 or above to host Marketplace backend database.
  • .NET Frameworks 4.7 on Marketplace website.
Step # 1 ( Add Record to tblAutoSignup table in HC10 Database ) : Open HC database using SQL Management Studio and add a new record in tblAutoSignup. Just add the ID of the owner of Marketplace and set IsDeleted=False. Now press enter, rest of the table fields should be left empty and would auto populate. ID of the owner refers to GlobalAdmin or Reseller upon whose website the Marketplace WebApplication will be deployed. ID of owner can be fetched from userid of tblUsers in HC10 Database.
Step # 2 ( Add a new Staff Member having Marketplace Sub-admin role ) : Login into HC10 panel and then create a new “Marketplace Sub-admin” user (Staff Member). This is a new role added for Marketplace management. Installed Marketplace will run with the rights of this user.
Step # 3 ( Create blank database for MarketPlace and Marketplace Database User ) : Open SQL Management Studio and create a new blank database for Marketplace application and from Security >> Logins >> New Login, create database admin user for Marketplace application's database and specify password for the Marketplace Database admin user. Note: Map Database role membership of db_owner to Marketplace database under "User Mapping" section. Also login with that MarketPlace database user account in SQL MGMT Studio to confirm.
Step # 4 ( Apply Marketplace DB scripts ) : Now apply the DB scripts one by one in a sequence on the MarketPlace Application Database which are placed at this path  “X:\Program Files\Hosting Controller\Tools\Marketplace\Scripts”. This script can also be downloaded from this link.
Step # 5 ( Copy Web files related to Marketplace application into Website Home Directory ): Copy all the files from “App_Path/Marketplace/Publish”( Marketplace/Publish folder can be found in the same download link specified in step # 3) to the website root directory. After this, following changes will be required in Web.config file. Open file “Web.cofig” located in website root directory, find and replace the following entries in it:
{{__SIGNUP_ID}}        =>   “GUID” column Value from tblAutoSignup table, added in step-1
{{__SUBADMIN_NAME}}    => Username of the Marketplace Sub-admin added in step-2
{{__SUBADMIN_PWD}}    => Password of the Marketplace Sub-admin added in step-2
{{__API_URL}}      => API URL, should be accessible from the target machine (WHERE HCAPI URL = http://HC_ControlServer_IP:8798/ (Do not miss the / after 8798 as without it the URL is incomplete) and. HC_ControlServer_IP refers to the IP address of your control server).
Also find and replace the below values with actual ones:
{{__INSTANCENAME}}   =>  Database instance name where a new Marketplace db was created in step-3
{{__DBNAME}}  => Name of the database added in step-3
{{__DBUSERID}}   => Database username added in step-4.
{{__DBUSERPWD}}  => Database User Password which was specified in step-4
After following above instructions, open the Marketplace URL which will act as a market place for selling HC10 products to customers. If you feel there is an ambiguity in following the aforementioned steps, send an email to

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