Adding a new domain to an existing hybrid setup

Adding a new domain to an existing hybrid setup.

Organizations generally feel more in control with the feature-rich experience of their on-premises Exchange environments and are eager to maintain the same level of control in the cloud. Hybrid Exchange deployments deliver the best of both worlds to such organizations. They extend the same level of ease and control the organizations have with their on-premises Exchange server, to Exchange Online in Microsoft Office 365. They also help in fully migrating from on-premises to Exchange Online.
The below steps detail the procedure of adding a new domain to an existing hybrid setup:
  1. Add a new domain, for instance to Office 365 and verify its proper working.
  2. Add the same accepted domain to Exchange on-premises.
  3. Open the Exchange Management Shell from the hybrid server and run the following command Set-hybridconfiguration –domains,,, (NOTE the autod) (Do not use quotes). For more details visit this link.
  4. If you are using SSO and require multiple domains federating with Office 365 then run the command provided in the article.
  5. Run hybrid configuration wizard and or whichever new domains you have provided in step 3 will be auto populated in the wizard. Read more at.
  6. Run this cmdlet get-hybridconfiguration | fl to get detailed information of all domains in the hybrid deployment.
  7. Add new UPN name in AD if required.
  8. Test connectivity and mail flow.
  9. Watch the video at this link to learn more about running a hybrid Exchange environment.