Public Folder creation error using Exchange mail server

Question: How to resolve public folder creation error while enabling mail enable option in the Exchange server?
I can create Public Folder, but cannot create after enabling Mail Enable check box. Why?

The issue can be resolved easily by adding a new user in active directory domain and make this user member of the following security groups.

Members to be added are:

  • Administrators
  • Domain Admins
  • Domain Controllers
  • Domain Users
  • Exchange Organization Administrators
  • Exchange Public Folder Administrators

Once the new member is added in these security groups then go to Start :: Run :: Services.msc. Locate the HC remoting service, HC remoting service properties :: Log On. Give there user/password under the option "This Account" and click Apply. Now,

  • Restart HC remoting service.
  • Make sure that your Mail box server contains the public folder database and try to add Public Folder.

    Additional Instructions:
  1. Enable Debug logs for HCMail in HC panel at this path My Server :: Debug Settings.
  2. After that HC will capture log for any activity on mail server in its installation directory "/hostingcontroller/log folder".
  3. Try to create Public folder through HC panel, if you get the following error "Error occurred while adding public folder" then check log file for error details.
  4. You will see the error details in the Log file like "Cannot complete the operation because there isn't any available public folder database on server".
  5. Login into HC panel as host level and create Public folder database at this path in HC panel My Server :: Mail Stores.
  6. Then try to create public folder now at this path Tools :: Mail Manager :: Mail Domains :: Public Folders :: Add Public Folder, if you face any problem then contact our support department for further help at