How to configure FTP 7 or later version for HC panel?

Question: How to configure MS-FTP7 or later version for HC panel?

Answer: Given below are the steps which should to be ensured before configuring MSFTP 7.x on the server with HC panel.
  1. Open IIS by clicking Start :: Run :: inetmgr ( Press Enter).
  2. Right click on Sites ::  Add new FTP site, give new ftp site name as Default FTP Site or any other meaningful name and set Physical Path C:\inetpub\ftproot (if this path does not exist then create it and give Everyone full permission on it).

  3. Set IP Address = All unassigned, port = 21 and press NEXT.

  4. On the last page keep Anonymous unchecked and check Basic authentication. Kindly do not make any changes on this page. Click Finish.

  5. Select newly created Default FTP Site and then click on Windows pane on right side. Here double click on FTP User Isolation and select option User name Directory (Disable global virtual directories).

  6. Now right click on Default FTP Site. Chose option Add virtual Directory.
  7. Give Alias = "LocalUser" and Physical path = "c:\inetpub\ftproot" (same as you mentioned in step#3). The LocalUser folder only works for server level (local) usernames. 

Note: If you have enabled option to store Web Server users (FTP) in the Active Directory then you must create the Alias with Domain Name. 
For example, if you have connected to the domain controller with credentials such as DC1\User then create Virtual Directory Alias with name " DC1 " instead of LocalUser.

Now for HC9 panel, login as host then go to the menu Manage Servers :: My Servers :: Edit Server :: Web Server. 

Select FTP Server : FTP 7
IPLess FTP Site : Default FTP Site
Virtual Directory Name : LocalUser (or in case Active Directory then insert DC name)


For HC10 panel, login as a host then go to Configurations :: Server Manager :: Servers :: Edit :: Web Server :: MS FTP Settings

IPLess FTP Site : Default FTP Site
Virtual Directory Name : LocalUser (or in case Active Directory then insert DC name)

If you want to configure FTP 7 with Windows Firewall then please consult with this Article