How to upgrade from HC7 to HC8?

Question: How to upgrade from HC7 to HC8?


If your server is licensed with HC7 then first get upgraded key of HC8 from HC online store Upgrade Center.

Once you have HC8 license key then follow the steps in the order listed below:

  1. Download HC8 Link.
  2. Run HC setup.
  3. Choose Modify option.
  4. Insert HC8 upgrade key.
  5. Installer will automatically upgrade HC7 data into HC8
  6. Same process will be required to do on all HC machines.

Note: The first server you should upgrade to HC8 must be HC DB or Master server.

Precautions: Take backup of HC database from SQL Server Enterprise Manager, and take backup of ServerSetting.xml file located in HC installation directory/advanced communication/Hosting Controller 7C/INI Folder.

Steps for Linux:
    1.   Download the latest build installer hc8.tar.gz of HC8 Linux from: 

    2.    Navigate to the folder "HC" that you have extracted from the installer downloaded from Step#1 and execute the file hc8installer located inside HC folder. This will show you two options which are: 

  • Press 1 to Update Build.
  • Press 2 to Remove Build. 
    Select the first choice and it will Update the latest build on your server.

    Linux > execute ./hc8installer and chose modify build, or you can uninstall HC linux and install without db registration which will not affect data on HC db machine.