How do I auto sign-up my clients for Sub-Domains?

Question: How do I auto sign-up my clients for Sub-Domains?

Offering sub-domain sign-up is quite easy.

The hosting business is based on Hosting Packages (Plans) and if the package you are offering has Sub-Domain in it then the sign-up will automatically convert itself to sub-domain sign-up.

Making a Hosting Plan for Sub-Domain Sign-up

  1. Login into Hosting Controller as "Reseller Admin" and click on Add Plan under Plan Manager | My Plans menu.
  2. Provide basic plan and billing credentials on Step 1 and then click on Next button. On Step 2 where you specify plan resources, enter 1 in Sub Domain (Third Level Domain) while 0 in No of Domains (Web / FTP sites) field and then click on Create New Plan button.

Suppose you have created a new plan above called "Sub-Domain Sign-up". When your customer selects this plan on auto sign-up, the auto sign-up will automatically switch to sub-domain sign-up mode.

To specify top level domain which will show by default in Auto signup for sub domain, go to location Auto Signup :: General Configurations :: General Settings