How to configure Link Point with Hosting Controller?

Question: How to configure Link Point with Hosting Controller?

Each of the following steps should be followed after latest build.

Note: FYI LPv6.0 supports recurring or auto billing since it is API based gateway.

  1. The older version [LpiCom_5_4.dll], should be completely uninstalled. Following command is used to uninstall old Link Point Version from your machine.
    *X:\gateways->regsvr32 -u LpiCom_5_4.dll
  2. LP COM Object can be downloaded, from the following link:
  3. After download, you can find LpiCom_6_0.dll COM object in Installation suit Folder [30015_lcom]. It would be better if the newer version is downloaded every time.
    LpiCom_6_0.dll can be placed any where on system but it should be registered as:
    *X:\gateways->regsvr32 LPiCOM_6_0.dll
  4. Now paste libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll (They are LinkPoint Product Name: COM Objects) at the given path:
    *X:\Windows\System32 path.
    Note: There is no need to Register/Un Register these DLLs.
    libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll can be downloaded from the following URL:
  5. IIS should be restarted after this. Steps to restart IIS are:
    • Click Start.
    • Go to Run.
    • Type iisreset.exe.
    • Press Enter Key.
  6. Now login HC as hcadmin, and follow the steps as:
    • Go to Billing System.
    • In Advanced Options, Click Integrate/Edit Gateways.
    • Select Edit Gateway, which is in front of LinkPoint option.
    • Make the following entries as follows:
      • Set Gateway URL = SendLinkPointV6.asp.
      • Set Card CVV2 Variable = x_CVV2.
      • Also make sure that .pem file path in HC Settings, under Payment Gateway Settings for Link Point, is right.


  • LP Version 6 should be preinstalled before above configuration. Every version of LP can work with HC but the appropriate Gateway URL should be used. [as LPv6 URL is SendLinkPointV6.asp]
  • "X" refers to the drive where software is installed.