How to import existing websites into the HC Control Panel?

Problem: How to import existing websites into the HC Control Panel?

Solution:  There is an import website feature in HC Control Panel through which the existing websites can be imported along with their DNS Zones and Mail domains into the HC control panel. The steps are given below to follow the process:

For the HC9 Control Panel:
  1. Log in as hcadmin in the HC9 control panel.
  2. Add a Reseller from the User Manager.
  3. Now login with that Reseller account and create a new plan for this Reseller at this path>> Hosting Plans :: Add Plans.
  4. Create a new Web admin at this path>> Users Manager :: Add User and sell it the newly created hosting plan that you have created in above Step 3.
  5. Once the Web admin is created under Reseller then login back as a host and go to the path>> Migration :: Import Existing Websites.
  6. On "Import Existing Website" page, there are different options given as described below.
     Server Name: Select the Server name from which server you want to import websites.
     WebSite Name: Select the website that you want to import in the HC9 control panel, running on that server which you selected above.
     Reseller Name: Select the Reseller under which you have created a webadmin in above Step 4.
     Owner Name: Select the Web admin under this website.
For the HC10 Control Panel:
  1.  Login as Global Admin in HC10 control panel.
  2.  Go to Settings :: Migration :: Import Websites
  3.  Under Servers Information, select one of the provider (Internet Information Services or Apache)
  4.  Now select the desired Web Server from the available list of Servers whose websites want to be imported in HC10 control panel.
  5.  Under Owner Details, select the Owner under which you want to import the website.
    • If you want to Import the websites under Global Admin account then keep the option "Import Websites for myself" as checked which is default.
    • If you want to import under different reseller or tenant admin then uncheck the option "Import Websites for myself" and then write down its name and select it from the available list of panel users. (Incase of different panel user other than Global Admin user, the Service Plan with all required resources should be sold to that panel user.) 
  6.  Click on "+Select" button to select the websites which you want to import in HC10 control panel.
  7.  Click on "Import Websites" button to run this process. (A notifiation will be generated once the task is done.)

Things to remember:
  • DNS and Mail domains associated with the respective website will be imported automatically provided that both Mail and DNS servers are configured at the server manager Menu at the Host level in the HC panel. 
  • If you want to import a website that is running on a dedicated IP then the IP quota should be available in the Hosting plan and sold to the web admin of the website otherwise you will not be able to import that specific website. 
  • Also if you want to import multiple websites under the same web admin then sufficient hosting resources must be available in the hosting plan sold to the web admin. 
  • After the website is imported into the HC control panel, its Home Directory path will be changed according to the path of Webspace configured inside your HC panel. For example, the webspace path in HC at the host level is specified as C:\Webspace in the Web server role configuration and your website's existing path before the import is D:\ then after importing the website in the HC panel, the new path of the website will be: "C:\WebSpace\domain\www". Therefore, one should handle any code or application level change in one's website/web applications after this change by themselves.
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