How to restore HC data using RBX?

Question: How to rebuild server or Transfer HC data to another location using HC RBX?

About HC rebuildXpress: RBX Instant Recovery is a revolutionary tool, an add-on to the Hosting Controller that provides rigorous backup and simplified restoration mechanism for Windows & Linux based hosting servers.

Server Migration Tips:

Follow the tips below:

  1. To rebuild/restore server, you must have RBX backup folder on new/existing machine drive.
  2. Install HC and RBX on new machine with same version which you are running on existing (old machine ).
  3. Install same version of 3rd party applications (DNS/Mail/DB) which are running on old machine.
  4. After HC installation, configure and enable server roles from Server Manager :: Edit Server.
  5. Activate HC key from Host Admin account i.e. from My Server :: Activate License.
  6. Make sure RBX is running in register mode from My Server :: Activate license as in demo RBX mode, it will restore only single site.
  7. Now go to SQL server, from there, restore old machine HC panel database with existing one. Old panel DB should exist under RBX backup folder X:\RBXbackup\HC database. 
  8. Once you restore DB manually from SQL Server, make sure that HC panel is connected to the database by login in HC panel. You probably need to follow this KB Article instructions to configure HC with new Server IP and hostname.
  9. Now open RBX rebuild, chose RBX backup folder. Click Next and start rebuild process, rebuildXpress will restore system users/website/DNS/Mail domain/DB/FTP site etc.

    a. Do not interrupt RBX rebuild process. Its recommended not to do anything while rebuild.
    b. You can enable RBX rebuild process logs by login in as HC Admin from 
My Server :: Debug Settings, here enable HC Restore. Logs will be generated in HC installation folder i.e. X/Advanced communication/Hosting Controller/log.

 RBX Rebuild Action Detail

  • IIS Websites (If Server using new IP address then RBX will bind website with new IP )
  • Website Virtual Directories
  • Website data folder (webspace)
  • Website Anonymous User
  • System User with Original Password
  • FTP user with Original Password
  • Mail Domain and mailboxes with Original Password (Mailbox data will not be restored )
  • Dns zones
  • Mysql Database (HC will set Database Login Password same as Database User Name )
  • MSSQL Database (HC will set Database Login Password same as Database User Name )
  • ACL Permissions (HC will Set default permission hierarchy on directory  i.e Administrator = FULL, System = FULL, Website Anonymous User = READ , FTP user = READ/Write/Execute, If there any customer User permission then it will not be restored )