How to transfer Website in HC panel?

Question: How to transfer a Website in HC panel?

Websites can be transferred between 2 resellers, or 2 webadmins, see details below:

Transfer website between two resellers:
Lets take an example of transferring a website "" 

    1. Login as new reseller and create a same hosting package plan under which the website "" was running.

    2. Create a new webAdmin under new reseller or existing user can be used, if it has sufficient plan resource.

    3. Now login in HC panel as Host and go to menu Panel Configuration :: Migration :: Transfer Websites, here select the website "" and select new owner and select Transfer Website.

    4. HC will send email to Host email address for authentication. (If you didn't specify email address of HC Host, then set it from menu Panel Configuration :: My Account :: Personal Profile.)
        Open the authentication email and verify the link for approval.

    5. Once approval has been done, HC will transfer the site within 12 to 24 hours, and confirmation email will be sent to Host.

Transfer website under same reseller between 2 webadmins:

    1. Login to HC panel as "Reseller".

    2. Go to Panel Configuration :: Migration :: Transfer Websites, select the website and WebAdmin user and click Transfer button.

    3. HC will send verification email to reseller. Now follow steps 4 & 5 as mentioned above.

NOTE: HC transfer feature use to transfer web services where it will transfer website folder and update DNS zone file. But it will not create new DNS/mail domain/database.

Only website can be transferred but it will not transfer the User account.