Release: Version 10.16 (August 06, 2019)
Idea shared by Tahir - August 6, 2019 at 7:48 AM
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Version 10.16 (August 05, 2019)

Feature: Failover Cluster support for Hyper-V is now supported with Hosting ControllerNew!

Feature: VMWare ESXi 6.5 and later version is now supported with Hosting ControllerNew!

Feature: Option to import existing AD Organization in Active Directory ModuleNew!

Enhanced: Multiple UPN Suffix is now supported with Active Directory ModuleNew!

Enhanced: User must change password on next login option while adding a new mailbox. New!

Fixed: Where Mail Alias was not showing if Exchange was running with child DC.

Fixed: PST export/import of files having large size was not completing properly.

Fixed: Audit Logs now showing in descending order.

Fixed: Where Exchange SPLA Reports are now available to Billing Sub-Admin.

Fixed: Where Sold add-on page was not fetching more than 20 records.
Fixed: Sold Add-on QTY was not editable.

Fixed: Where internal Email Address field for Bulk Mail Contact CSV file was not optional.

Fixed: Where delete Sold Plan was not working if Bandwidth deleted website had consumed bandwidth.

Fixed: Where some text was not parsed in Add Virtual Machine page for Slovak Language.

Fixed: Where if website is deleted then its sold service plan was not deleting due to consumption of resources by that website.

Fixed: Where DNS menu was not appearing in HC panel if only Simple DNS was selected for DNS Provisioning.

Fixed: Where Gateway Transaction reports were not displaying in sorted order.

Fixed: Where space was allowed during Organization creation.

Fixed: Where Line URI option was showing against PC to PC enabled sip users.

Fixed: Where upon deselecting 2FA, an Exception was thrown under Exception Logs.

Fixed: Where upon configuring PST in Exchange role, root OU path was removed from Exchange Role Configurations.

Fixed: Where in Mobile UI, few options were not displaying properly.

Fixed: Where HC was throwing error if sip address contained CAPITAL letters for any SIP Address in bulk csv file.

Fixed: Where Organizational Unit was not deleting from Customer’s GUI in Active Directory module

Fixed: Where S4B Display Name was setting incorrectly for existing AD User.

Fixed: Where DNS zones for Parked Domain were not showing on Website Dashboard under DNS zones section.

Fixed: Where Transfer Resource link was not appearing for Enterprise products like Exchange, S4B, SharePoint.

Fixed: Where DNS Zones menu was disappearing if only Simple DNS Plus is configured in HC10.

Linux Fixed: Where FTP Users were not disabling from HC for Linux websites.

Linux Fixed: Where PHP was not enabling on Linux Websites.

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