Release: Version 10.15 (June 26, 2019)
Idea shared by Tahir - July 3, 2019 at 4:33 AM
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Version 10.15 (June 26, 2019)


Enhanced: Import of existing registered domains in ZA and Gandi registrars. New!

Security fix: Validation of server credentials while uploading files and folders on remote machine.

Enhanced: Assigned IP Address to be listed with VM on the WHMCS GUINew!

Enhanced: Multiple Accepted domain import option while importing an existing Exchange Organization. New!

Enhanced: Max duration option for resource mailbox. New!

Linux: Where ZA registrar contacts labels were not showing correctly.

Fixed: Where search filter for Skype users was not working correctly.
Fixed: Windows Server 2016 base OS was not displaying in VM template.

Fixed: Where DL was not adding for existing groups in AD.

Fixed: Where UPNSuffix was not adding on OU while importing an Exchange Organization.

Fixed: Where DB user was not adding while navigating from Websites Dashboard.

API Fixed: Where DL Administrator was not returning in API call.

Fixed: Where domain privacy option was not showing while registering a new domain.

Fixed: Where transfer resource menu was not showing for Enterprise Module.

Fixed: FTP Server configuration is now mandatory while configuring new Web Server role in cluster.

Fixed: Mail Contact profile values (country, city and state) were not updating from Dashboard.

Fixed: Where Line URI was showing against PC to PC telephony setting.

Fixed: Where OU were not removing using Active Directory management Module.

Fixed: Where blank space was not removing automatically, at the end of an organization name.



Feature: Support for PHP-FPM New!

Feature: Support for MYSQL Clustering (Fail-over) New!

Enhancement: Installing SSL on a website will add auto redirect entry for HTTP to HTTPS request. New!

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