Enabling a disabled Mailbox throwing "Error : 72300220 : Mailbox user does not exist "


Question: When enabling a disabled mailbox in HC, it throws "Error : 72300220 : Mailbox user does not exist" or "Disabled Mailbox does not exist".


Using Exchange Mail Server when enabling a disabled Mailbox in HC panel if it throws "Error : 72300220 : Mailbox user does not exist" or "Disabled Mailbox does not exist "

Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to HC database table tblExchangeMailboxes (for HC10) or table tblMailboxes (for HC9). Verify that the disabled mailbox entry exists and GUID entry is not showing NULL.

To get GUID for disconnected Mailbox use following command in EMS

Get-MailboxDatabase | Get-MailboxStatistics | Where { $_.DisplayName -eq "HCtestmailbox" } | fl DisplayName,Database,DisconnectReason,DisconnectDate,MailboxGuid

This command will return the mailbox database and GUID, repalce them in below command to instantly update the information at exchange end and it shall instantly list in Exchange disconnected section

Update-StoreMailboxState -Database “Mailbox Database Name” -Identity “Mailbox GUID”

Now try to enable user, If it still throws the same error then open Active directory and go to the domain OU and find the user. It should display user name like user@domain.com if it is not then rename it and set user@domain.com.

Note: By default Exchange Server holds disconnected mailbox for 30 days. After the expiry of this period the mail box cannot be reinstated through HC panel.