How to Configure PSiGate’s Payment Gateway with HC10 Panel?

Question: How to Configure PSiGate’s Payment Gateway with HC10 Panel?
Answer: PSiGate is one of the leading payment gateways in the payment solutions industry. Hosting Controller supports PSiGate as one of its premier payment processors. The article details the necessary steps required to configure PSiGate as a solution for accepting online payments.  
  1. Login to HC panel as Global Admin.
  2. Now enable the billing configuration at this path Customer Billing >> Configure Billing.
  3. Enable gateways and click “Manage Non-HTML Gateways”.

      4.  Configure PSiGate Payment Gateway by clicking Configure button.
     5. Select Enabled and Default checkboxes and insert the PSiGate's Passphrase and StoreID received from the gateway.
        Note: Customers can only make payments through the indicated credit card types.
  1. The default currency is USD, however you may always specify your own preferred currency for online payments.
  1. Payment Gateway URL can also be edited for TEST or LIVE transactions:

  1. Once PSiGate is configured, customers can make payments by adding their billing profile and adding funds to their wallet.
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